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Amber Heard cheated on Johnny Depp with James Franco, Musk & more

  Heard was captured on CCTV cheating on Depp with many people including James Franco, Elon Musk, and several others. Image credits: News While the lawyers of Johnny Depp offer proof, Amber Heard sees her entire legal team fleeing ahead of the losing legal battle.  Musk and Franco aren't backing her. Why did Amber Heard suddenly become a lesbian? Maybe she just wanted a change of pace, as it seems like almost every bachelor in Los Angeles, California, slept with her when she was married to Johnny Depp. Yep, Amber Heard has cheated on Johnny a number of times, lawyers say. The attorney of Johnny Depp, David Sherborne, said he had proof of "multiple affairs" and in a recent statement quoted two of them. Sherborne believes the affairs of Amber Heard are significant as it can prove "false motive" for the abuse that Amber Heard alleges she suffered because of "Depp's alleged paranoia and erroneous belief" that she was cheating on him. Here's the

The Happiest Pictures on the Internet

I've spent some time finding these pictures but I've finally managed to accumulate some of the happiest pictures on the internet. I'll be adding more of these as time goes on. I'll not take any more of your time and will let the pictures do the talking! 1. Young French girl showing off her cat in 1959 'Such a great photo! The little girl's smile, the cat, and the mom smiling as she watches from the doorway.' Image by 5_Frog_Margin on Reddit 2. Barack Obama with his Mother on Halloween in 1964 'Man, I always think of how neither of his parents knows the extent of what he became. Both of them had passed prior to him seeking the Presidency.' Image by maks_rsn on Reddit 3. Shelter dog is super excited for his adoption Image by lol62056 on Reddit 4. A happy little kitty named Mila Image by mrmoundshroud on Reddit 5. Michelle Obama on a slide, followed by a Secret Service agent 'M’am. I think it’s in the interest of national security that we go agai