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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable use policy

This acceptable use policy ("Acceptable Use Policy", "AUP", "Policy") is an arrangement between the Site Owner and you. This Policy lays down general rules and appropriate and forbidden uses of the Entertainment Daily website and all of its goods or services.

Prohibited activities and uses

You can not use the Services to communicate or participate in practices that are prohibited under applicable law, that are detrimental to others, or that are liable to us, including but not limited to any of the following, each of which is prohibited by this Policy.:

  • Distributing viruses.
  • Disclosing sensitive private details of others.
  • Collecting, or trying to collect, personal data about third parties without their awareness or permission
  • Distributing any adult related content.
  • Participating in the illegal sale of controlled products, drug laundering, or prescription drugs.
  • Infringement on other people's intellectual property or other exclusive rights.
  • Enabling, assisting, or promoting any of the above practices via our services.

System abuse

Any Consumer in breach of the security of our services is subject to civil and criminal penalties, as well as immediate termination of the account. Following are the examples:

  • Usage or delivery of resources meant to compromise the security of the services
  • Deliberately transferring files carrying a computer virus or corrupted data.
  • Accessing another network without authorization, including to probe or search for flaws or security attacks or authentication measures.
  • Unauthorized data scanning or tracking on any network or system without the proper permission of the system or network owner.

Service resources

You must not utilize excessive amounts of the Services or access the Services in any way which results in poor performance or compromises the services for other Users. Prohibited activities that contribute to excessive use, include without limitation:

  • Intentional efforts to overwhelm the services and transmit attacks. (i.e. denial of service attacks).
  • Taking part in any other practices that affect the functionality and quality of our services.

Defamation and objectionable content

We respect freedom of speech and urge users to value the content they write. We are not a consumer content publisher and are not able to examine the authenticity of individual defamation complaints or to decide if any information that we might find offensive should be censored. However, as decided in our personal capacity, we retain the right to modify, disable, or delete any material that is harmful to others or to us or our services.

Copyrighted content

Copyrighted content shall not be published through our Services without the specific permission of the owner or of a person officially allowed by the owner to give such consent. Upon receipt of a claim for copyright violation, or a notice of such violation, we will immediately run a thorough investigation and, upon confirmation, will promptly delete the infringing content from the Services. We will revoke the Service of Users with repeated copyright violations. We shall accept no responsibility for the removal of any such content to any customer of the Services.

If you feel that a person or entity using our Services violates your copyright, please send a copyright infringement report to the contact details mentioned at the end of this Policy.


In deciding the severity of each violation, we retain our right to be the ultimate judge and to take necessary corrective action, including but not limited to:

  • Suspending or removing your Service for any breach of this Policy with or without any notification.
  • Disabling or deleting any material forbidden by this Policy, including, as decided by us in our sole and absolute discretion, to avoid harm to others or to us or our Services.
  • Reporting breaches to law enforcement as decided by us at our absolute discretion.
  • A failure to reply within 2 days to an email from our abuse team or as otherwise stated in the correspondence to you may result in your Services being suspended or terminated.

Nothing included in this Policy shall be interpreted to restrict our actions or approaches to any of the prohibited activities in any manner whatsoever. Moreover, we retain at all times all rights and approaches available to us regarding such activities at law or in equity.

Reporting violations

If you have found a breach of this policy and would like to report it, please contact us immediately. The situation will be investigated and we will provide you with full support.

Changes and amendments

We retain the right, at any time, to amend this Policy or its terms and conditions relating to the Website or the Services, effective upon posting on the Website of an amended version of this Policy. If we make any change in this policy, we'll notify you through an email.


You confirm that you have read this Policy and consent to all its terms and conditions. You consent to be constrained by this Policy by using this site or its facilities. If you do not consent to abide by the terms of this Policy, you are not allowed to use this site and its features.

Contact us

If you want to contact us concerning any matter relating to this policy, you may write a letter to

On October 21, 2020, this document was last revised.